September 5, 2018 |

Golden Gate University Ranked #1 in the US for Adult Learners for the THIRD Consecutive Year

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For the third consecutive year, Washington Monthly has ranked Golden Gate University America’s #1 School for Adult Learners in its annual College Guide and Rankings.

How Golden Gate University Was Chosen

To compile the rankings, Washington Monthly reviewed data from the Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) survey, the department’s new College Scorecard database and the College Board’s Annual Survey of Colleges.

The metrics that determined GGU’s rating include:

  • services available for adult learners
  • percent of adult students (age 25+)
  • ease of transfer/enrollment
  • flexibility of programs
  • mean earnings of adult students ten years after entering college
  • loan repayment of adult students five years after entering repayment
  • research and scholarship
  • tuition and fees for in-district students

More About GGU

For over 100 years, GGU’s purpose has been to educate adults who are balancing the complex demands of life. Our instructors are practicing professionals in some of the Bay Area’s largest and most successful organizations.

We invite you to explore GGU’s certificates and degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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