August 16, 2019 |

Golden Gate University 2019 Innovation in Practice Series


Yes! Hacking is legal … that is, when you hire a professional hacker to break into your company and test your systems. Kelly Albrink, professional hacker at Bishop Fox, shares war stories from the front lines of cyber warfare at Golden Gate University’s Innovation in Practice Series. The two-day event is a thought-provoking series of workshops and seminars featuring leading industry experts, many GGU faculty-practitioners, who share their insights on trends, innovations, and best practices. The summer 2019 series, “Reality Bites, Bytes Back” on August 14-15, features a series of intriguing sessions with leading experts who illuminate the underbelly of the cyber-beast and reveal how to shore up against real world pitfalls, risks and threats. Albrink shares the tools and techniques that real hackers use to steal your data and take over your computer, such as the Danger Drone, a pentesting (penetration testing) quadcopter that takes wireless hacking and remote code execution to the sky, and clone stolen employee badges that thieves use to gain access to secured locations. Albrink is a Senior Security Analyst at Bishop Fox.

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