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September 21, 2022 |

GGU Celebrates Return to Campus with Campus Weeks

Held twice a semester, Campus Weeks enhances the student experience with special in-person student events, social gatherings, veterans’ and career events, and more.

By Jenny McKeel

The excitement of the 2022-2023 academic year at Golden Gate University is unparalleled by any other. For the first time since the start of the pandemic, GGU is welcoming all students enrolled in courses offered in-person and in hybrid formats to our brick-and-mortar campus, while we continue to offer courses fully online. As the COVID-19 health crisis transitions out of an acute emergency phase, GGU is committed to a return to campus that puts our collective health and safety first. As we do so, we celebrate the return of a vibrant campus humming with face-to-face conversations and bustling in-person events in addition to our ongoing virtual offerings. 

To enhance the in-person student experience, the university is launching Campus Weeks, designated weeks held twice a semester that feature special in-person student events, social gatherings, veterans’ and career events, and more. Campus Weeks, which kicks off the week of October 10-15, will also offer optional remote activities for students enrolled in fully online courses. 

President David Fike

President David Fike

“We are excited about these changes as we emerge from COVID,” said President David J. Fike. “As an institution, we embrace this opportunity to enhance the learning experience for our students and to build GGU through more on-campus programming and in-person interaction. We will strive for additional in-person learning opportunities throughout the academic year as we return fully to campus.” 

The start of the 2022-2023 academic year is special for other reasons. GGU has newly launched GGU Worldwide, a center of educational excellence in partnership with Upgrad, which enables working adults from across the globe to earn a GGU degree without leaving home.  Additionally, the university has launched Degrees+, a pioneering partnership between Golden Gate University and that reimagines the two-year degree for students seeking a high-quality education at an affordable cost. For less than one-third the price of the national average college tuition, students will earn an associate degree from GGU that includes an in-demand industry certificate.  

Provost Brent White

Provost Brent White

“Since its founding over 120 years ago, Golden Gate University has provided transformative education to working adults and other underserved students,” said Provost Brent White.  “We are expanding upon our mission of access to reach underserved students,” continued White, “with a goal of providing radically affordable access to higher education to students around the world.” 

GGU looks forward to a transition back to campus and groundbreaking programs, initiatives, and opportunities for the transformational educational experience that is our hallmark. 


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