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November 25, 2019 |

GGU Is Launching a Mentorship Program

A highlight of the new mentorship program is GGU Connect–an online community that enables students to make direct connections with professionals.

By Jenny McKeel

GGU’s new Mentorship Program brings together students with alumni, faculty, and staff to enhance the confidence, well-being, and workforce competency of students and provide  opportunities for GGU’s professional community to support student success.

GGU Connect

A hallmark of the program is GGU Connect, an exclusive online community that allows alumni, faculty, staff, and industry partners to share their expertise with students. On the platform students can make direct email connections and request meetings with others. Through GGU Connect, students can also participate in the Guided Mentor Program, long-term mentorship with a professional designed to help students deepen their career exploration and set goals.

GGU has an incredible network of alumni and industry professionals working in some of the most coveted positions and innovative companies of San Francisco, the Bay Area and globally,” said Megan Gray, director of mentorship at GGU. “GGU’s Mentorship Program is providing personal connections for our student’s professional future and leveraging technology to provide students direct access to a network of trusted professionals for practical career advice and strategic insight.”

“Networking opportunities and tools like GGU Connect are one of the main reasons why I chose to attend GGU.”

Curriculum Integration

A unique feature of the Mentorship Program is its integration into signature assignments in the undergraduate course Gateway to Success, a General Education requirement taken in the first term of a student’s program.

“I am still fairly new to the study of accounting and being able to connect with established accountants is extremely exciting. Networking opportunities and tools like GGU Connect are one of the main reasons why I chose to attend GGU,” commented one student.

Program participants have access to career development resources and Mentorship Meetups provide in-person opportunities for networking. The program launches this fall for undergraduate students and select faculty, staff, and alumni mentors. Fall 2020 the program will expand to include GGU Law students, graduate students, and all alumni, staff, and faculty.





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  • Todd Owens says:

    I’ve been participating as a Mentor for Everwise for over four years now and I always enjoy it. I also participated as both Mentor and Mentee in a program here at Poly. I would like to volunteer to be a Mentor for your program. I graduated from the GGU EMBA program in 2000.

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