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Dissertation candidate Lakhvir Sekhon
November 8, 2023 |

My First Dissertation Workshop Sparked Inspiration, Clarity, and Solutions

By Lakhvir Sekhon

Imagine an academic setting filled with industry experts engaging in insightful discussions, posing probing questions, intertwined with moments of laughter, humor, and real-life examples. Ending with enjoyable food and drinks, this imagined experience represents the lively atmosphere that we, as educators and knowledge explorers, eagerly anticipate. Not even a single dull moment!! It was ammmmazing!!

In these special meetings, information turns into something bigger. People talk, argue, and generate countless “aha” moments. It’s a place where even after working hard on a problem, crafting a problem statement, assumptions, and potential solutions, a professor’s intervention magically breathes life into the topic. Thank you for the magic there and then Joaquin “Prof Jay” Gonzalez III !! It seems like it could help a lot of people when it’s shared with everyone.

I am invariably drawn to the remarkable individuals I’ve had the privilege to meet. Encouraged by the supportive environment, I found the freedom to delve deeper into my psyche, contemplating the core contribution I aim to make. While some of my esteemed colleagues delve into the realms of new technology, AI, and various other business process enhancements, which I am sure will contribute to the knowledge pool in remarkable ways, I’ve taken the mantle to address a critical issue: the experiences of international students. This direction resonates deeply with my role, primarily focused on educating and supporting these exceptional individuals.

I am driven by a conviction that this subject holds immense significance, despite initial doubts that lingered about its importance. The collective pursuit of progress in this space allows for a dedicated focus on the challenges faced by international students, seeking to offer insightful solutions and support systems to enhance their experiences. This study holds the promise of fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment, enriching the academic landscape for these remarkable individuals.

As I embark on this academic journey, I aim not only to contribute to the scholarly discourse but also to effect meaningful change that positively impacts the lives of these students and the broader community. The nurturing ambience of these academic gatherings has inspired a profound sense of purpose, propelling me to advocate for the welfare and success of international students through rigorous research and thoughtful advocacy.

I am glad that I met you Pritesh Patel Shelly Kaushik Alethia O’Hara-Stephenson CIP, MBA Mick McGee Gops (Gopal Sukumar) Gus Lazopoulos, MBA, BTech Jessica Yuen, MBA, MRes, PgDip(Music) Jeff Gardiner, MBA, CD Omid Eshaghi and many other wonderful people! Jaitali Dedhia you did an amazing job coming from India and organizing this event in the most wonderful way! I am looking forward to seeing you all in the near future as it’s just the beginning!

To get the most out of workshops or academic events that combine industry know-how and scholarly discussions, researchers can maximize their experience and work by sticking to a few key principles:

1. Actively participate, sharing insights and asking questions.

2. Network with industry experts and researchers.

3. Stay open to new ideas and perspectives.

4. Seek guidance from seasoned professionals or mentors.

5. Present your research for feedback and visibility.

6. Identify collaboration opportunities for a richer academic environment.

I found clarity and direction on my topic. I found wonderful people with whom I am going to collaborate with for a richer academic experience for my students, and I am definitely looking forward to being able to deliver more engaged class experiences to my students as I have been part of this amazing session.

Kudos to all the knowledge explorers out there!

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