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Dean Jay Gonzalez
January 13, 2024 |

Prof Jay Gonzalez Reflects on GGU’s Mission of Educational Equity

By Jenny McKeel

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, said, life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” commented Joaquin “Prof Jay” Gonzalez III, PhD, who serves as Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Dean of GGU Worldwide, Mayor George Christopher Professor of Public Administration, and Chair of GGU’s Department of Public Administration—the oldest Public Administration program in Northern California.

“We have to ask this question at GGU because this is the larger picture of the work we do—extending inclusive, affordable, equitable, quality education for all.”

As Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Prof Jay is responsible for implementing GGU’s worldwide educational and partnership initiatives that include upGrad, University Hub, and Beacon partnership programs—all thriving initiatives that embrace themes of educational access and equity. Since GGU started partnering with upGrad less than two years ago, 2,000 students have enrolled in our upGrad programs. University Hub has enabled students living everywhere in the United States to enroll in GGU’s low-residency programs. Our Beacon partnership is helping Chinese students as China recovers from the pandemic, with more than 200 Chinese students enrolled in our programs.

In addition, Prof Jay oversees GGU’s university-to-university partnerships in the Philippines. These partnerships provide discounted tuition at GGU for degree-seeking students at Philippine universities, as part of both countries’ commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of equitable education for all. For Prof Jay, this effort holds deep meaning, professionally and personally.

“Once upon a time in 1988, I arrived on an F-1 visa at SFO with just $200 and two suitcases and that’s where my journey began in the United States,” reflected Prof Jay. “I’ve always thought about how I can help those that I’ve left behind. The Philippines partnerships have helped me fulfill something that’s deep inside me that extends our mission of affordable, accessible education for all and helps connect our country to the rest of the world.” 

Today, Prof Jay is proud of the growing partnerships with Philippines Universities that include prominent universities in capital cities as well as universities in secondary cities across 7,107 islands. Some of these universities have networks and campuses across Southeast Asia, like Saint Roberts University in the Philippines with campuses located in Cambodia and Thailand.  Already, graduates of these programs are part of GGU’s esteemed global alumni network, which includes many alumni from Asia including the chief legal officer of Aboitiz, one of the top 10 conglomerates in the Philippines. 




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