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February 3, 2022 |

Golden Gate University School of Law and Algorand Foundation announce creation of Blockchain Law for Social Good Center

Funded with a $300,000 grant, it’s the first of its kind in an American law school.


SAN FRANCISCO — Golden Gate University School of Law and the Algorand Foundation have created the Blockchain Law for Social Good Center, the first of its kind in an American law school.

Through the three pillars of education, community, and research & policy, the center’s mission is to offer the first cohesive approach to training lawyers, lawmakers, and other members of our communities about the numerous socially beneficial use cases of blockchain technology. The center is funded with a $300,000 foundational grant from the Algorand Foundation.

Hugo Krawczyk, Principal Researcher and Head of the Algorand Centres of Excellence Programme, is excited about the partnership with Golden Gate University School of Law. “The Blockchain Law for Social Good Center is an excellent example of the multidisciplinary application possibilities for blockchain technology while also promoting social-impact projects. The project will become a hub for blockchain law and a valuable resource not only for lawmakers and lawyers, but also for government agencies and start-ups.”

“Blockchain developers are quietly creating revolutionary projects that remedy existing inequalities, particularly related to financial inclusion,” says Professor Michele Neitz, who will serve as the Faculty Director for the center. “However, until lawmakers have a more comprehensive view of blockchain and crypto, the industry will suffer from regulatory skepticism.”

Drawing on Professor Neitz’s experience as a member of the California Blockchain Working Group, and as the first (and so far, only) law professor to teach Blockchain Law in San Francisco, the center will include opportunities for lawmakers and members of the public to engage on these issues with national conferences, an Algorand Foundation Speaker’s Series, and a unique Blockchain Law course curriculum. The Blockchain Law for Social Good Center will push the industry forward, promoting a more balanced regulatory scheme as well as a more diverse environment for blockchain technology in the United States.

California State Controller Betty T. Yee expressed her hopes for the potential of the new center, saying, “As a GGU alumna, I am excited about the establishment of the Blockchain Law for Social Good Center. I look forward to working with the center’s team to ensure equity and inclusion and achieve the broadest public benefit as this nascent industry and the application of its technology become more widespread.”

The Algorand Foundation is committed to building inclusive and transparent technology to create a borderless economy, and GGU Law is a natural host for this project. As Dean Colin Crawford explains, “GGU Law has a 120-year history of offering legal education to historically underrepresented populations. This new center directly aligns with our legacy, and we are thrilled to be able to host it on our campus in downtown San Francisco.”


Located in San Francisco, Golden Gate University School of Law provides students with a solid foundation in legal theory and the skills necessary to be a successful practitioner. GGU students reflect a wide variety of ages, work experience, and cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Students include working professionals and recent college graduates from more than 100 undergraduate and graduate institutions.


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