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IT Management student Akanksha Singh
June 1, 2023 |

Project Management Institute Spotlights IT Management Student

By Jenny McKeel

Akanksha Singh is pursuing her MS degree in IT Management with the same grit and tenacity she brings to all her endeavors—whether it’s earning an undergraduate degree in computer engineering in India, working as a business analyst, or taking up bouldering classes. 

“Learning new things can be a lot of fun and can help you grow both personally and professionally,” reflected Akanksha. “While I may fall down countless times, the thrill of learning something new and challenging myself is what drives me to keep going. I believe that it’s important to seek out discomfort and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. It’s only through taking risks and trying new things that we can truly grow and expand our horizons. So, whether it’s trying a new sport or learning a new skill, I’m always up for a new adventure.” 

Akanksha’s latest adventures include her IT Management coursework, serving as Vice President of Campus Activity and Treasurer for the Student Government Association, and holding the positions of President of the ITM Club and Teaching Assistant for Professor Ross Millerick. On top of all that, Akanksha is a volunteer Business Intelligence Analyst for the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI-SFBAC) and, this month, she’s featured in their newsletter. 

“In this role, I analyze data, provide insights, and coordinate with project teams to ensure efficient management of events,” explained Akanksha. “I am also responsible for onboarding and checking on volunteers, which has developed my communication and interpersonal skills, essential assets in project management. Volunteering with PMI-SFBAC has been an amazing experience so far, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of a community that is dedicated to promoting excellence in project management.” 

Akanksha’s experience in the IT Management program has proved enriching and fulfilling. She’s gaining comprehensive knowledge of trends and tech in information technology, and a strong foundation in business and management concepts. Courses like Database Management, Business Analytics, and Project Management have equipped Akanksha with relevant skills and experience in areas of data analysis, project management, and system design. 

Once she graduates in December 2023, Akanksha hopes to work in an IT Management role that allows her to use her project management skills and experience to improve business planning and performance. 

“Through my master’s program in Information Technology Management, I aim to further develop my expertise in Information Systems to identify trends and improve overall business planning and performance,” said Akanksha. “With my strong work ethic, analytical skills, and curiosity, I am confident that I will excel in any challenge that comes my way. 

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