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GGU Law graduate takes oath
GGU Law graduate takes oath at bar pass ceremony.
March 6, 2023 |

Momentous Ceremony Welcomes GGU Law Alumni to State Bar


On Wednesday, December 7, Golden Gate University Law held one of two annual bar pass ceremonies, a momentous occasion in which recent JD graduates who have passed the California State Bar Exam take the attorney’s oath and are sworn into the practice of law in California. 

Beyond serving as a powerful rite of passage, taking the attorney’s oath is also required for admission to practice law in California. 

The Honorable Andrew Steckler of Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, and The Honorable Kandis A. Westmore, Magistrate Judge, United States District Court, Northern District of California, presided over the ceremony, held in the Honorable Lee D. Baxter Courtroom at Golden Gate University. 

“The swearing-in is the culmination of the achievement of becoming a lawyer. We are so fortunate to have two judges who come in every term, both of whom have taught at GGU Law and are dedicated to our students. Graduates attend with their families, friends, and all the people who have helped them get to where they are today, so it’s really important,” commented GGU Law Dean Colin Crawford. 

During the ceremony, the judges spoke to graduates about what it means to be a lawyer, what a lawyer’s duties are to clients, court, and society with an emphasis on ethical obligations within the field. Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Brent White, who holds a JD from New York University, also spoke to the graduates during the ceremony. 

Graduates may be sworn in by a judge at any courthouse, but many GGU Law graduates who pass the bar in California choose to attend the swearing in ceremony at GGU. 

“It’s a really special culminating moment for our students’ career and it gives us great pleasure that many of our students came back to get sworn in,” said Colin Crawford. 

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